M.Sc.(econ.) Pekka Rautala

Management Consulting Diploma
GGSB - Grenoble Ecole de Management

Management consultant and interim manager with broad general management experience of over 20 years in life sciences,
cosmetics, detergents and related industries.

Marketing, brand development, production efficiency and international operations. Previously 20 years experience in all aspects of
financial management while at the same time developing strategies for cosmetics.

Interested particularly in health, beauty and life science companies in change situations or with high ambitions.

General management, international marketing, consumer research based concepting, branding and identity, change projects,
m&a, restructuring

Pekka Rautala Pekka Rautala Pekka Rautala saw the social networking trend early.

Value creation in action

What's in a name?

Pekka Rautala

Pekka is the Finnish form of Peter with the meaning rock,
in het Nederlands Piet. Rauta is iron in Finnish, -la being the locative ending;
in het Nederlands IJzer (cognate with German Eisen). Q.E.D.